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Few things move in a truly straight line, whether that a ball or a rock falling, or a person.
When we try to make them move in a perfectly straight way, it looks awkward, a little weird.
Think, for example, of the Spider Man videos you watched in a previous assignment. In the opening credits Spider Man swings in an arc. He'd look ridiculous if he swung in a perfectly straight line.

Your job is to create your own super hero and have him/her launch him/herself forward and into the air, not in a straight line, but in an arc. There should be a villain who comes in to oppose him.
You should:
  • Have each super being enter separately.
  • Show each super being using an arc in their movement entering the set in some way.
  • Have one super being attack the other.
    • In the attack there should be an arc and in the recoil there should be another arc.
  • The whole thing should last about 10 seconds.

Spider Man swings in an arc.