2-D Animation 35S Course Outline

Welcome to 2-D Animation 35S!

In this course we'll do three main things, including exploring animation in two different forms.
  1. Storyboarding,
  2. The traditional draw-a-picture-and-take-a-photo-of-it method of animation, and
  3. Flash animation.


The assignments will include but are not necessarily limited to:
  1. Making a storyboard.
  2. Drawing an animation
  3. Shooting an animation
  4. Creating a simple, automated Flash animation
  5. Text effects - creating a banner
  6. Acceleration and deceleration
  7. Acceleration, deceleration, and deformation using a bouncing ball
  8. Animating multiple objects
  9. Grouping objects
  10. Reusing groups/movies
  11. Planning a Flash animation
  12. Creating a full fledged Flash animation
  13. Human and animation interacting


There will be no exam in this course.
Each assignment will be graded separately and the results added together. Projects with a higher total point value will generally be worth more of your final grade than those with a lower point value.
Assignments                100%