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2-D Animation 35S Course Outline

Year: 2018-2019
Credites: 0.5

Welcome to 2-D Animation 35S!

In this course we'll do three main things, including exploring animation in two different forms.
  1. Storyboarding,
  2. The traditional draw-a-picture-and-take-a-photo-of-it method of animation.


The assignments will include but are not necessarily limited to:
  1. Animated Gifs
  2. Making a storyboard.
  3. Drawing an animation
  4. Draw a Picture in Pencil 2D
  5. Squash and Stretch
  6. Anticipation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8OtE60T8yU&t=0s&index=3&list=PL-bOh8btec4CXd2ya1NmSKpi92U_l6ZJd
  7. Walk Cycles
  8. Staging
  9. Run Cycles
  10. Follow through and overlapping action
  11. Arcs
  12. Exaggeration
  13. Solid drawing
  14. Appeal


There will be no exam in this course.
Each assignment will be graded separately and the results added together. Projects with a higher total point value will generally be worth more of your final grade than those with a lower point value.
Assignments                100%