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Deformation and Reformation

The Technology

  1. Start Swish Max. (We add this in since some people aren't able to figure out this part.)
  2. In the top left corner of the stage, draw a small ball.
  3. Inserting the appropriate key frames about 20 frames apart, have the ball fall from the top left to the bottom and slightly to the right. 
    • It should then bounce to near the top, fall down to the bottom, 
    • and bounce up 
    • until it goes off the stage.
  4. If you press Play, the ball should bounce a few times before it goes off screen.
  5. The problem with that is that everything is happening at an even pace.
    • A ball falls slower when you drop it and accelerates as it rushes at the ground. 
    • It decelerates as it bounces upward.
  6. To accomplish this acceleration and deceleration, you need to insert extra frames at key moments.
    • Once you have key frames in place, insert or remove regular frames as necessary.
  7. If you can get the acceleration and deceleration to look natural, there is one further problem. 
    • When an object hits the ground and bounces, it compacts as it meets the ground, and pops back into its regular shape as it goes up again.
  8. To accomplish this, at key points (which means using key frames, on the way down squish your ball into a flatter and flatter shape. 
    • On the way up, expand it back to its regular shape.

The Task

What you tried above.

The Evaluation

Get the ball bouncing 3
Get the ball accelerating/decelerating 3
Get the ball deforming and reforming  3

James Dykstra,
Jan 5, 2015, 9:11 AM