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Deformation and Reformation in Pencil 2D/Squash and Stretch

Squash and stretch can be used to realistically show a ball as it falls and changes shape (did you ever notice balls deform when they hit the ground?) or draw attention to something unusual like a character who is surprised or afraid.
  1. Start Pencil 2D. (We add this in since some people aren't able to figure out this part.) 
  2. In the top left corner of the stage, draw a small ball.
  3. Be sure to turn onion skinning on.
  4. Inserting frames, have the ball fall from the top left to the bottom and slightly to the right. 
    • It should then bounce to near the top, fall down to the bottom, 
    • and bounce up 
    • until it goes off the stage.
  5. If you press Play, the ball should bounce a few times before it goes off screen.
  6. The problem you may have is that everything is happening at an even pace.
    • If you actually watch a ball bouncing the speed will change.
  7. The ball should speed up as it falls, and slow down as it goes up.
    • So going down there should be more frames at the top, and fewer at bottom.
    • Going up, there should be fewer frames at the bottom and more at the top.
  8. Once you've added or deleted frames, you've still got one more problem.
    • As a ball falls, the shape changes. It squishes a lot flatter as it hits the ground.
    • It expands as it climbs up again.
  9. Change your drawings to reflect this.
  10. Your final product should be 20 to 30 slides.
    • Take about 2-3 seconds to bounce across the screen from one side to the other. 
    • It should bounce twice before going off screen.