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Slide Show

You are going to create a Flash "slide show" to give information on a topic. Information as well as graphics should move on and off the screen. You should be able to explain a topic thoroughly this way.

What you need:
  1. At least 5 slides of 20 to 50 words each.
    • The text should come in from one side, hover for several seconds, and then leave from another side.
  2. At least five graphics that have movement associated with them.
    • They should posssibly fade in and out.
  3. A title screen at the beginning.
    • This is the title of the presentation, possibly the date, and certainly the author.
  4. Contact information at the end.
    • When they're sold on your topic, how do they find you? Do you have a phone number, e-mail address, Twitter handle, Facebook page, or physical address?