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Some HTML Geekery

To get your Flash animations on the web, you're going to have to know some basic HTML. Really basic HTML,

The Swish program will generate a webpage that is a lot fancier than you need.  
  1. All you need to do is to open up the Swish generated HTML page in Notepad, highlight and copy from Object to Object, and then paste it in a new Notepad document.
  2. Save the new Notepad file as first.html.
  3. When you load the HTML into your browser, you should have a simple flash animation.
  4. Now, let's center the animation.
  5. All HTML commands have a command to turn them on and a command to turn them off.
  6. In front of the code for your animation, type in <center>, and after the code type in </center>. This should center your animation.
  7. Write a short paragraph before your animation in order to describe it. Use some basic codes like <i></i>, <b></b>, or <u></u> to format it and make it look pretty.