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Today's topic is staging, or how your put things on your stage in a way that will draw attention to them and not distract from them.


To help with that, watch the video to the left. It gives a nice summary of the subject.

What you're going to do today is to put those principles into practice by creating a short animated advertising video. Your topic is Pizza Friday.

You need to bring in a few elements. There should (obviously) be pizza, possibly use pizza slices.
  • There should be at least one person who can look excited about the pizza, and possibly eat it.
  • The person should come to the pizza by having the person walk/run/jump but the person will stay in place and the pizza will move towards the character.
  • There should be pizza. It can fly, dance, go around in circles, or whatever you like.
  • There should be color, and it could be used to help with your staging.
  • There should be a final message (in text) at the end telling you that TODAY is Pizza Friday.
  • This should take about 10 seconds.
  • Pay careful attention to your staging. What are you drawing attention to at any moment?
    • Do you want people to notice the pizza, or the look of joy on the character's face?