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Course Outline

Applying Information and Communication Technology 1 15F


Teacher: James Dykstra

Credits: 0.5

Text: Deborah Hinkle, et al. Microsoft Office 2010: A Lesson Approach. McGraw Hill: 2011

Applying ICT 1 15F is a course that covers basic media literacy and office productivity software. Students will learn to use that software or improve their skills using it and try to put it to use in practical situations using the media literacy skills they've enhanced.


  1. The Linden Resources
      • Who are you on the Network? Your personal login
      • What do you have access to?
      • Sharing with Google Drive
  2. Manipulating Graphics.
      • Playing with GIMP
      • 3D Graphics
  3. Evaluating Sources: Websites
  4. Building a Computer/Network
  5. Working with Microsoft Excel (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8)
      • Textbook chapter on Excel, Lessons 1-5, 7-9
      • Gathering Data in a Form and Compiling and Sorting Data
      • Charting data
      • Asking questions about the data
  6. Playing with Scratch


Course Work             100%

There will be regular checks of the work assigned in class, as well as a handful of bigger, more complex assignments that may be done in class or given out as homework. Those bigger assignments will cover the sections on Excel, and PowerPoint and review assignments will be given out later to make sure that you've remembered what you learned.

Late assignments will be penalized at 5% off per school day.

All assignments need to either be done in class, at lunch during open lab, or after school during open lab. Because the assignments build on each other, it will be necessary to finish one assignment before handing in the next one.

Because this is a practical class and there is really no theory, everyone should be able to do very well if they do the assigned work.

There is no final exam in this course.

A Couple of Rules

  1. When you come to class, get a textbook, log in on a computer and get to work. Your latest assignment will be posted on my site at
  2. This class takes place in a computer lab. Treat it respectfully. In other words:
    1. No jumping, dancing, running, pole vaulting or other physical behavior
    2. Keep the food and drink out of the lab. You’re unlikely to ever spill, but if you do a $20 keyboard, or a $500 computer can be destroyed in seconds.
  3. Keep the place neat. If you have a reason to print something, take the paper with you, or recycle it. Don’t leave it lying around.
  4. Can you talk in class?
    1. In a class like this when the teacher isn’t trying to teach, a little talking – especially to help each other – is not such an awful thing. Keep your volume appropriate and your subject choices, too.
    2. When the teacher is trying to teach, be respectfully quiet. Even if you know the material he’s trying to explain, other people might not. Let them learn.