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Making a Fake Site

Today you're going to start to create a fake website, one that looks real but couldn't possibly be.
  • Identify and write down at least five things that make these fake sites look like they're real or serious. It could be the content, the layout, or something else entirely different.

Now using that list, you're going to create your own fake site.

  1. First you need a topic. It should be something that sounds like it could be true but is just slightly off.
  2. Set up a chart of the pages of your site. What content will go on each page.
  3. Site up at either Webnode or Weebly or possibly Wix. This is where you're going to build your site.
    • Explore your chosen webhost and see just what you can do with it.
  4. You'll need pictures.
    • Totally 100% free pictures can be found at Morguefile or Pixabay or one of the sites in the left sidebar.
    • Pictures for which you'll have to give credit can be found at FlickrCC.
    • You should be able to find what you need at one or the other of these sites. Don't search Google Images since we're not legally allowed to use most of those images.
  5. Start building your site.
    • It should have at least 5 pages.
    • It should have a believable color scheme. The scheme should make sense with the content.
    • It should be about a topic that's almost normal enough you can believe it. (Maybe a fan site for you since you're the lead singer in a boy/girl band?)
    • It should have pictures that are relevant (on topic) and believable (not cartoonish).
    • It should have written content on each page.
    • You need a menu so you can easily navigate between pages.
    • You should use headlines to draw attention to content.
    • Don't forget to give credit for the Creative Commons pictures you used.
    • You should include some way (real or fake) to contact you.

Marking Guide

       1 2

    Enough Pages
     Menu to link all the pages  Appropriate Color Scheme  
    Relevant Pictures Believable Picture/s on each page  Photo credits given.  
    Content  Almost believable topic that's tasteful  100 or more words per pages  Use of eye catching headlines Contact info

James Dykstra,
Oct 9, 2012, 8:14 AM