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Random Name Generator

In Excel or Google Drive Sheets, create a list of
  1. 50 first names (boys' or girls', your choice)
  2. and 50 last name/family names.
  3. Each list should be in its own column (not row).

Your two lists should be equal in length.

You are going to use the RANDBETWEEN function to generate random numbers.

  • Functions do some complicated math for us so we don't have to.
  • All functions must start with and = (equals) sign.
  • If the function shows a range of numbers, you generally have the numbers separated by a comma.
  • For this function, we're going to generate a random number between 1 and 10,000.
  • In the first cell in the column next to the first names, type in =Randbetween(1,10000)
  • Copy that formula to the cells below it.
    • You can do this with Control C, and then Control V, or by pulling on the little tab in the bottom right corner of the cell you want to copy.
  • In Cell D2 type in Name.
  • In Cell E2, type in =a27
  • Sort the data according to the random numbers generated. Use the range of columns B and A.
    • The name that appears in E2 is your random first name for your story character/dog/new baby, etc.
  • Do the same thing to generate a random last name for your character by printing a random last name beside the first one.