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The Ethics of iPads

There's a a new iPhone coming out. If you could afford it, should you get it? 

Genesis 1:27-31 confirms that we are allowed to use the earth, but it God's earth, so we should use it in a way that if responsible and shows honor to the earth's creator. That means we are allowed to use technology, but we have to deal with the fact that every time we create something new, there's a cost. Resources are used. There might be some pollution. Even if we try to recycle it, we might not be able to recycle all of it.

Do the metals in an iPad, iPhone, or other tablet matter? says they do. Find out why. USA Today also wonder if the iPad is "green".

When your iPad (or other tablet) breaks, how come it's so hard to fix it? Does it even have any screws to take out so you could try to fix it? 
After you've read the above articles, based on the articles give 5 reasons why it would be WRONG to buy the new iPhone. Then give 5 reasons why it'd be a good thing to do. Ultimately, decide whether you think it's okay to buy the new iPhone (if you have the money) and defend your answer.