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Word Final Assignment

Create a Word Document of at least two pages that shows you know how to do all of the following: 
  1. Create a table of at least 5 by 5. (1)
    • Put pictures (all on the same theme) in about half the cells. They should all be of approximately the same size.
    • Put descriptions of the pictures or information about them in the empty cells.
  2. Since you have an odd number of cells, merge two of the table cells to create a space for a larger picture. Put a larger picture in the cell. (1)
  3. Insert a page break. (1)
  4. On the new page (and only the new page) create at least two columns. (1)
  5. In the first column create a numbered list of at least 5 items that is related to your table. (1)
  6. Create a header or footer for the pages of your document that has (1)
    • Your name
    • The date
  7. In the second column create a paragraph with a hanging indent (1)
  8. Use formatting commands so that various parts of your text are
    • bold (1)
    • underlined (1)
    • italicized (1)
    • colored some color other than black (1)
    • have a clearly different font than the rest (1)
  9. Justify a paragraph so that it's even on both the right and the left. (1)
Spelling does count as marks will be deducted for incorrectly spelled words.
James Dykstra,
Oct 8, 2010, 10:23 AM