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A Virtual Field Trip

Your job for this assignment is to create a "virtual field trip." What this means is that you will pick a destination and provide pictures and information on that location and then post that information on the Internet. It's like going on a field trip without actually getting out and seeing that field.

What you will have to do is

  1. Your destination for this assignment is going to be the school. 
  2. Take pictures.
    • If you act responsibly, this can be done in class time provided you have a camera and are working in really small groups of only two or three.
      • You may need to get permission to take pictures. Since you're not allowed to take pictures of just anyone here at school, ask before you shoot.
      • You will need a camera to take pictures with.
  3. Research your school.
    • You are expected to be knowledgeable about your location since a field trip is supposed to tell you about the place you're visiting.
    • This takes research.
    • This can't be faked.
    • The school website is a good place to start looking for information but don't stop there. Talk to teachers, office staff, parents and alumni of the school.
  4. Make the school sound interesting, even if you don't think it is.
    • You are encouraging people to come to this school (or maybe to donate time or money).
    • No one will enroll a place that sounds dull.
  5. Storyboard your presentation.
    • Decide which pictures will be paired with which text.
    • Try not to put too much information with each picture.
    • People are lazy when they look at websites and don't like to read much.
  6. Assemble the pictures and the text on your wiki site.
  7. Let the teacher know when you think you're done. If you're done early enough, he'll critique it and show you some ways to improve your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. May I work with a partner on this project?
    • Yes, this is a group project that may be done in twos or threes. Since wikis are done collaboratively, there should always be something for each person to do.
  2. Which wiki are we going to use?
    • You'll get sites at and work on a wiki set up for you there. We'll set up subdomains on the wikis for each group.
  3. Should the wiki be public or private?
    • Private. The school likes to have the final say on what is said publicly about it and we're going to respect that.

  4. How many different pages should our wiki have?
    • At least 10.
    •  with at least 2 or 3 pictures per page
    • and at least some information on every page (no pages that are only photo galleries).


  1. 10 Pages...5 points
  2. At least one picture per page. Most (if not all) the pictures should be taken by you....5 points
  3. Some significatn information on every page...5 points
  4. Evidence of serious research...5 points