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Building a Website

For this assignment you're going to build a simple website using the service or the tools at, or even

  1. Register for one of these services.
  2. They're free.
  3. You need to give them a real e-mail address so you may use your own address if you like or use your Wingmail address..
  4. When you're done that pick a suitable subdomain for your site. such as
When you're done all that, start planning your site.
  1. Choose a suitable template for your site from the gazillion or so offered.
  2. Subdivide your topic into smaller issues and devote a page to each issue.
    • There should be at least 10 pages on your site. 
  3. Make sure each page has an appropriate graphic or illustration of some kind. Make sure the image is something you're actually allowed to use legally.
    • Check my list of photo resources in the left sidebar.
  4. At least one page should have a suitable and a relevant video from YouTube.
  5. Play with the fonts.
    • Change the size.
    • Change the color.
  6. Fill in relevant content on each of your pages.
  7. Include a contact or feedback form somewhere.

Website  Evaluation Form
 Part 2
 10 Pages
 Content on each page suitable to the subject
 At least one picture per page
 Evidence that fonts were worked with      
 Contact form

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