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How did it go?

When you create a technology project, it's always good to think about how you did. That's how you improve. 

If I had taken that photo from over there the subject would have been more obvious. 
If I had put in a script on that game, it would have been more fun to play. 
If I'd had less text in my Slides presentation, the audience wouldn't have been as bored. 
If I hadn't been so close to the mic, the 

Think about all the projects we've done this semester. Answer the following questions in short paragraphs on a Google Doc. Hand in the Doc on Google Classroom. Answers like I hated all the projects or None will not be accepted.

Marks aren't given for this on whether you did an assignment well or not. Sometimes messing up an assignment can teach you more than doing it well (though I don't recommend messing up. It's not fun). So if you admit you messed up another assignment because you didn't care, that's okay. It doesn't affect your mark for this assignment.
  1. Which project was your favorite?
    • What made it appealing for you?
  2. Which project was the hardest for you?
    • Explain what made it difficult.
  3. Which project was the easiest?
    • Explain why you found it easy.
  4. Which project do you think you did the best work on?
    • What was it that helped you do especially good work on that assignment?
  5. From which project did you learn the most?
    • What was it that you learned?
  6. Of the projects you did this semester, which one/s gave you skills to help you in a different course?
    • These may not be coding skills, but could be planning skills  or teamwork skills.
  7. Which project helped you learn or practice skills you might use in "real" life?
    • Once again, it may not be specifically computer skills, but skills like planning and collaborating.
  8. Somewhere in the future when you're old and grown up, what technology skills that you now know do  you imagine you'll use in your job?
    • Whether you're a computer programmer or a garbage collector, you use technology. 
  9. When I was in high school, there were no cell phones, no e-mail, no texting. These were science fiction. If you could put yourself 30 years in the future, what crazy thing will have been invented that will change the way the world operates?
  10. Do you see yourself as someone who might create/invent/develop some cool new technology, or someone who might get a lot of use out of it?