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Planning a Text Adventure

  1. You should take a look at the Text Adventures Un assignment and see what it is you need to do there. 
  2. It will be built on the Text Adventures website.
  3. You are going to create a plan for your text adventure. A text adventure, in a nutshell, offers you two or more choices in a story. You pick one and that shapes how your adventures takes place.
  4. We're creating a special type of text adventure, where you choose your own ending. The main character (called You) will work through the story. There will be some text, and then You will be given a choice to do thing One or thing Two.
  5. You should
    • Indicate the general theme or concept behind your adventure
    • There should be at least 10 levels.
    • Each level of the story should branch off into two more possible storylines. 
    • The storylines should converge into no more than 3 possible endings.
  6. Print the plan off and show it to me.