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Over the next few days we're going to use the Sphero robots in a competition.
You may do this in a team of two people, or you can work alone. Having someone with you may be helpful so they can check your errors (or you can check theirs). It's hard to find your own mistakes.

There will be three events:
  1. The Maze
  2. The Match
  3. The Marathon

The Match

In this event, you will use the joystick mode in order to push another Sphero out of the enclosure.
  • The taped in enclosure will seal off an area.
  • You must remain in this area.
  • You will attempt to push your opponent out of this area, without going out yourself. This will be done while you are in the drawing mode.
  • The quicker you push your opponent out, the greater you number of points.
5 points for winning in under 10 seconds.
4 points for winning in under 15 seconds.
3 points for winning in under 20 seconds.
2 points for winning in under 25 seconds.
1 point for any win that takes longer than 25 seconds.

The Maze

In this event you will use the Sphero drawing mode in order to navigate a maze. You can practice it before we do it.
  • This is a timed event.
  • The maze will be laid out on the floor.
  • You need to remain within the taped off boundaries at all times. If you cross a wall, you will need to start again from the beginning.
    • Your time will continue counting up.
  • The person to navigate the maze the fastest using the drawing mode is the winner.
5 points for the fastest time.
4 points for times up to 25% longer than the fastest.
3 points for times up to 50% longer than the fastest.
2 points for anyone who competes the maze successfully.

The Marathon

In this event, you will use the programming mode to race another Sphero around the course.
  1. You and your opponent will both start behind the starting line. At the GO signal you will start the program you've set up to run you through the race course.
  2. You must stay within your lane.
  3. The first one to cross the finish line while staying within the winner's area, will be declared the winner.
5 points per race won.

Sphero has published a series of videos to help you understand how to program their robots. You might be able to start the programming without viewing them, but they can be really helpful to walk you though the hard parts.