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Any film, especially animated ones, is planned out in advance. Significant points in the action are drawn and the drawn panels are put together on a board in the order in which they're supposed to happen. This sequence of story panels is a storyboard.

Here's some examples.

  1. Storyboards
  2. Wikipedia

Your job is to put together a storyboard of a fairy tale. You may pick any one of the following fairy tales.

Once you have picked a story you are going to storyboard it.

  1. Your storyboard will have 10 panels.
  2. Each picture should have a sentence or two of description below it to show what's going on in that panel.
  3. It may be done freehand (hand drawn).
    • A great source of paper suitable for setting up a storyboard can be found here. Thanks to
  4. As always, your story should be in remarkably good taste.
Storyboarding is something we are going to do repeatedly in this course, so do a good job of it here. You may as well get good at it. You'll be doing it a lot. We'll work on this all week so you have the time to make it good.

 Storyboarding Evaluation
 5 7 10 
10 panels that show key moments in the story. Clear drawings in each panel Each panel has a short caption or description  Story is told in a classy way that reflects Christian norms Storyboard reflects the original plot line. Story is easy to comprehend and follow.

James Dykstra,
Jan 29, 2015, 6:56 AM