To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of women getting the vote, we're going to look at some famous Canadian women.

 Social Studies

Kenojuak Ashevak
Emily Carr
Mary Shadd Cary
Viola Desmond
Hannah (Annie) Gale
Agnes Macphail
Charlotte Small
Marie-Madeline Jarret de Vecheres

Maude Abbott
Helen Irene Battle
Roberta Bondar
Carrie M. Derick
Irene Uchida
Maud Menten
Charlotte Froese Fischer
Alice Eastwood
Kirsty Duncan
Catherine Hickson
Cathleen Synge Morawetz
Catherine Parr Traill

Anahero/Gertrude Moltke Bernard
Anne Hebert
Margaret Laurence
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Susanna Moodie
Gabrielle Roy
Anne Wheeler

  1. What you are going to do is to research one of these people from the appropriate column.
    • You should come up with a minimum of 20 facts.
  2. You will then draw a picture on your segment of the role of paper. 
    • Your section will be about a metre wide.
    • The picture should fill up most of your section.
    • The picture will not be of the person but of what they represent.
    • It should be colored.
    • It should be labelled with the person's name.
  3. You will then add cool facts about your person all around your picture. 
    • Each fact should be written in a different color.
    • The printing of each should be small, leaving room for many  facts.
  4. When we're all done, we should have a very long mural celebrating accomplished Canadian women.