Few People, Lots of Voices

Today's assignment will be done with a partner, so in groups of two. Pick a partner other than the person you worked with for your previous assignment.

You are going to record a simple fairy tale that involves more voices than you have people in your group. There should at least  two characters per group member. A number of scripts you may pick from are linked to below. 

You don't have to record the whole play, but you should have at least three minutes worth.

What to do

  1. To get different voices for all the characters, you will need to modify the speech of a few of them.
  2. Using Audacity, highlight the first section you want modified.
    1. Under the Effect menu, try making slight alterations to the Pitch, the Tempo, and the Speed of the selection.
      1. Carefully note what changes you are making because you have to replicate these changes every time this character speaks.
      2. Your alterations should be subtle because you don't want your characters sounding like the Chipmunks.
      3. You may need to alter pitch or speed as little as 5%.
    2. Try to give each character a slightly different sound.
      1. It only takes minimal changes in pitch to make a girl sound like a boy or a boy like a girl.
    3. Each individual tends to talk at a certain speed, some faster, some slower. Try altering this consistently for each character.
    4. Typically, slowing a voice down gives it a deeper pitch while speeding it up makes it sound higher pitched.


3 Minutes (3)
At least 4 identifiably different characters (4)
People sound "normal." Like real people, not chimpmunks. (3)