This is the News!

For today you're going to do a summary of the news. It's a short news break like you might hear on the radio during the morning rush hour.
  1. You should have about 6 items drawn from the news of the day.
  2. Write them down in a very short, bullet format.
  3. Your recording should take from 45 seconds to one minute.
  4. Some news should be international, some national, and some local.
  5. This is serious news, so your voice should have sufficient seriousness and gravity.
  6. But...try to sound natural, like you're talking and not reading.
  7. You could include a couple of second of introductory theme music at the beginning. If you find the right music, it could quietly play in the background while you talk. 
    • Looperman is a good site to find short musical clips.