CD Insert

This particular assignment creates an interesting problem. Our version of Publisher doesn't seem to have any handy, dandy CD Insert templates. So what are you going to do about that?

If you google "CD Insert in Publisher" you'll come up with a pretty good list of sites that have Publisher templates. Some require your browser to have really up to date plug ins so you'll have to use Explorer rather than Firefox. Our version of Firefox is not up to date.

Once you've found some useful templates, you need to decide what your CD Insert will be about. This CD is for adult music, meaning some of the mellow, boring stuff that adults like to listen to. You know who I mean, singers like Enya, Rita MacNeil, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Kingston Trio, or even the Shangri-Las. If you don't like those, invent your own boring singer. This website may help you come up with a band name.

  1. Like most typical CD covers, your CD Insert should have a large picture on the front as well as the title of the album.
    • Make sure the colors make sense with the content of the album.
      • A collection of songs on nature likely would not have a pitch black cover.

      • Likewise U2's Under a Blood Red Sky would not have been done in green.
    • Choose an appropriate font for this. The font for the album title may be different than the one for any other text. Use your judgment.
  2. The entire outside of the CD insert (or the part that normally faces out) should have a similar color or theme to it. When you look at the closed CD cover, the look should be a unified one.
  3. The back of the CD insert (the out side) may have information on it, or may simply be a continuation (in some way) of the graphic on the front cover.
    • This would be a logical spot for copyright information for your CD, as well as the publisher.
  4. The inside should have a listing of the songs (real or imagined ones) as well as some biographical notes on the singer/band.
    • The inside might have a somewhat different look than the outside, but there should still be similarities that tie the in and outside together.

  5. Keep in mind that the inside-right part is the area located under the CD. Though it's often hidden, it should still share the general look of the entire insert.
    • If you're creative, this area could have some "secret" or "hidden" information or graphic. Rather than seeing the CD as getting in the way of the design, use it to your advantage.
  6. As always, keep it tasteful.