Postcard Art

Today, using templates from Publisher, you're going to create a postcard from the place on the planet you'd most like to visit/live/do the Macarena.
  1. On the front of your postcard you should have a picture/photo from the location.
    • There's a lot of unusual photos on MorgueFile or Flickr
    • Make sure they're public domain or creative commons licensed.
    • You can be creative about your location. Maybe you're in a circus, or under the water in an aquarium.
      • With the skills some of you have acquired in Gimp, you could put yourself or someone else just about in any crazy scene possible.
      • Have some fun putting together some slightly incongruous elements in your picture.
  2. There should be a mention somewhere on the front of where the picture represents.
    • Be sure to choose a suitable font in a suitable color. A font and color for city like Las Vegas would be quite different from one for a research station in Antartica.
  3. On the back of the postcard you should have a short description of the location (a sentence or two at most).
    • Normally this will be on the left and on the top
    •  It sometimes appears on the bottom left, too.
  4. On the back you need to leave a space for an address.
    • This appears on the right, towards the bottom.
  5. There should be enough room for a stamp.
    • This appears on the right, towards the top.
  6. There should be room left over for message to the person receiving the postcard.
    • This is on the left side.
  7. Have fun with this. You can be really creative, and even silly, if you choose to be.
    • After all, would you like to be under the sea in an octopus's garden in the shade?
    • Or maybe you all live in a yellow submarine?
    • Have fun with it, but always, always, always remain tasteful.