Stickman Figures

You are the president of a toy company. You have a new product that's simple, yet brilliant. You are going to convince people to buy stickmen action figures!

The ad you are going to create:
  1. Is full page (8.5*11).
  2. Should show multiple images of your stickmen at work and play.
    • What do they do? Are they teachers, astronauts, or airline pilots? Do they come with accessory sets like cars, or costumes?
  3. Should have a place where the name of the product appears, as well as the manufacturer/brand.
    • What is product name of your stickmen? Dolls may be Barbies, bricks may be Lego, and cars may be Matchbox. What is the name of your stickmen and who manufactures it?
  4. Should use appropriate colors to show it as a boy, girl, or gender-neutral toy.
  5. Should have the price on it (and it should show how many stickmen you get for that price).
  6. Should use a very limited number of fonts (like 2 or 3).
  7. Should have a clear focal point. It should be clean and uncluttered.