Photo Blog

Through out the semester you are going to take pictures and post them on a blog. This will be worth 5% of your total mark.

  1. Each week you will take and post three pictures.
  2. You will post them on a blog you have created for this purpose. You may create it on Blogger or WordPress, depending on your preference.
  3. The photos may be on any subject you like as long as its in good taste.
    • If there are people in the photo/s, you should have their permission before posting your photos on the 'Net.
    • Your photos each week should have a different theme, or, at minimum, they should be different enough to show you didn't take the photos for multiple weeks at the same time.
  4. Your photos should be in focus, appropriately lighted, and have a clear focal point which draws the viewer's attention. If it has those things, you will receive full marks for the week.