Building Photos

Today we're taking pictures of the outside of the school, especially the front of it (looking massive and imposing) but also form all sorts of funky angles that look cool.

While you are attempting to take pictures of a massive object, you should remember the basics of photography.
  1. Have a focal point.
    • A building is too big to see it all at once.
    • Even if the whole building is in the photo, you can't take it all in at one time.
  2. An off center subject is usually a better subject.
    • The Rule of Thirds rules.
  3. Depth of field is your friend.
    • Not all of the building necessarily needs to be in focus.
    • Keep the critical, important area in focus.
  4. Try shooting from as high up as you can.
    • When taking architectural photos, it looks better if you're not looking up all the time.
  5. Try shooting from as low down as you can.
    • Choose interesting angles.
    • Shooting the building from directly in front of it is a little boring.
    • Try shooting from the corners, the sides, far away, near by, or lying on your back.
  6. Spread out. If everyone takes the same photo, where's the originality?
When we're done, you're going to submit your two best photos. I'll give them to Mr. Simpson and he'll pick three winners. At least one of those will be used in the LCS Yearbook. All three will get some small prize like a chocolate bar.