Shooting a Roll of Film

Way back in the olden days, people used film instead of memory cars. Film was great, expect that you could only take a very small number of pictures before the film was done and you had to get it developed, and replace it. It was all very expensive. Now if you're memory card gets full, you just pop in a new one, or delete some of the photos from your old card.

The effect of having one a few pictures on a roll of film - usually 24 - was that you were quite careful to take good pictures since you didn't want to pay to develop the bad one.

Today we're going to take pictures, pretending that you are using a film camera instead of a digital one. 

  1. Pick a theme and take 24 distinct, different pictures of it. 
    • Turn off a burst mode if you've got it on.
    • Don't delete bad ones, since you can't delete a picture on a roll of film once you've taken it.
    • Your theme choice is pretty wide open. It 
      • has to be in good taste.
      • It should be something you can do at school.
      • It should be something at school where you don't go into parts of the building that you're not supposed to be (such as the church sanctuary, or the little kids' hallways). 
  2. Upload the photos to Google Drive and show the teacher the 24 that you've taken. There should be no more and no less than 24 shots.
    • Show it to the teacher so he can check off your progress.
  3. Eliminate the bad photos.
    • Remaining Photos 
      • should be well focused.
      • should be properly lit.
      • should have a clear focal point.
      • ideally, should have a bit of creativity and originality.
    • Show your results to the teacher so he can check off your progress.
  4. Take the best remaining 10 photos and create a slide show using Google Slides or Power Point
    • There should be a title page for the slide show.
    • Each slide should have its own page.
    • There should be a few speaker notes so you can talk about your slides.

 24 shots taken on a single theme. Bad photos eliminated and put in a new folder. Can explain why the eliminated ones were bad and remaining ones are great. Good photos put in a slide show.  Slide show has a title page.  Speaker notes are present and help the photos tell and interesting story.