Final Project in Lieu of an Exam

Your final assignment for Digital Pictures 25 will be to create a portfolio of 20 pictures that shows your mastery of the content covered in the course including...
  1. Framing
  2. Individual portraits
  3. Group portraits
  4. A photo that shows speed (Panning or Motion Blur)
  5. Balance or symmetry.
  6. Refraction/Reflection/Bending of light
  7. Negative Space
  8. Depth of field as a technique to draw attention to a subject
  9. A tableau
  10. Macro photography


  1. Your photos should be put together in some kind of album. 
    • I would suggest something inexpensive such as you'd find at Dollarama or Dollar Tree. 
    • You can create your own album out of construction paper or something similar if you have the ability to make it neat and tidy.
  2. Your photos should be labelled to show the technique used. 
    • This could be done on the back if the album has clear plastic sleeves, or beside or below it for other album styles.
    • If you can't label neatly freehand, type it up.
  3. Your album should have a title of some kind on the front, and your name should be there as well.
  4. It will be built around a single and appropriate theme such as hockey, kindness, school, circles, or generosity.
    • Appropriate means it's something that you could show to the strictest, most old-fashioned of grandmothers.
  5. It may include a few photos that you have taken during the time of the course.
    • There should be no photos taken before the course started.

How will it be evaluated?

  1. Is the album neatly labelled with both a title and your name on the front? 
  2. Is the necessary information supplied for each photo?
  3. Is there a coherent theme?
  4. Is the lighting for each photo appropriate?
  5. Is the focus for each photo appropriate?
  6. Is the focal point of each photo obvious?
  7. Do the photos display artistry or are they just any old photo that would fit the theme?
  8. Is each topic represented in at least one picture?

Due Date

  • January 20
James Dykstra,
Jan 18, 2018, 7:15 AM