• Since much of business is done with online banking, debit cards, or credit cards. Keep track of your money on some paper. Don't cheat.
  • Every time you pass go, you collect $200. If you don't pass go, you don't get the money.


On the board provided, arrange the streets from the cities. 
  • Arrange the more expensive cities closer to go, and the more expensive ones at the far end of the loop much as you see in a regular Monopoly game. 
  • This will take a bit of research.
  • You'll need to create property cards that show the value of the property (with and without improvements).

  • Jasper Ave
  • 101 Street
  • Whyte Ave
  • Edmonton Trail
  • MacLeod Trail
  • 14 St SW
  • Portage Ave
  • Main Street
  • Broadway
  • Robson
  • Granville
  • Georgia
  • College
  • Bloor
  • Dundas
  • Bank
  • Wellington
  • Rideau
  • Saint Catherine
  • Saint Denis
  • Mont Royal
  • Petit Champlain
  • St Jean
  • Donnacona


  • There's 4 railways located around the board. Feel free to relocate them to give the game a different feel.
  • The smallest railway should be cheapest to buy, and cheapest to use. Owning a group of railways should give you a bigger price for use.


There's 4 utilities. 3 are phone companies and one is a pipeline company. You can move them around if you like.


  • Collect $200 as you pass go.
  • The three remaining squares can be penalty squares, or just something unimportant such as Free Parking. Your call.

Penalty Squares

  • These are two squares so Rent Control and Slum Landloard.
    • SLUM LANDLORD - The penalty is 15% of your cash on hand. If you have no cash, you have no penalty.
    • RENT CONTROL - If you land on this square the rent on all your properties