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Back to the Prime Ministers

  1. I started the building of the Trans Canada Highway. I was so loved I was often called "Uncle Louis." Who am I?
  2. I am the current Prime Minister. Who am I?
  3. I was the first French Canadian Prime Minister and have been honored with a place on the five dollar bill. Under my minister, Clifford Sifton (who was not a big red dog) there was massive European immigration to the Canadian West. When I was Prime Minister the Yukon, Alberta and Saskatchewan joined Confederation. Who am I?
  4. I shared a middle name with a bird. I was Canada's first Catholic Prime Minister. I died while still Prime Minister. Who am I?
  5. I changed the constitution, got the West to hate me, and women loved me (at least at first). I was a bachelor when I became PM, but not for long. I married a woman 30 years younger than me. Who am I?
  6. I was only Canada's second Prime Minister. I came to power when Macdonald got tangled up in scandal. I was the first Liberal to lead the country, and I was the only Prime Minister of the first eight who was not knighted because I refused the honor three times. I introduced the secret ballot. Who am I?
  7. I was Prime Minister twice. I am the only Prime Minister (so far) to be elected from a riding in Manitoba. Who am I?
  8. I have been called "le petit gars de Shawinigan," or "the little guy from Shawinigan." Who am I?
  9. I wasn't Prime Minister long and I'm most remembered for appointing Liberal friends that Trudeau said I should. They called it "patronage." Who am I?
  10. I tried to deal with the Manitoba Schools question. I was forced out of office by my sneaky, conniving cabinet ministers in favor of Charles Tupper. Who am I?
  11. I was nicknamed "Mike." I won a Nobel Peace Prize, helped found the United Nations, and introduced Canada's "new" flag. Who am I?
  12. I was the most recent Liberal Prime Minister. Who am I?
  13. Free trade was my thing. That was a long time ago. You might know me be better for bringing in the loonie and my son, Ben who you might have seen on T.V.. Who am I? 
  14. I was Canada's first Prime Minister. I helped get the CPR built, brought Manitoba into Confederation as well as British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. I defeated the Rebellion of 1885 (some say I caused it) and died in office in 1891. Who am I?
  15. I was Canada's first and (so far) only female prime minister. Who am I?
  16. I was the first Prime Minister to be elected from Calgary.I became Prime Minister during the Great Depression, which was unfortunate for me. Who am I?
  17. At first they called me "Joe Who?" because no one knew who I was. When I was PM Canadians snuck American diplomats out of Iran. I became Canada's youngest Prime Minister at only age 39. Who am I?
  18. I won Canada's largest majority government to date. I canceled the Avro Arrow project and left office with nearly everyone hating me. Throughout it all, I was "the Chief." Who am I?
  19.  I never married and I had plenty of dogs named Pat. I was Prime Minister during World War II. I introduced "conscription if necessary but not necessarily conscription." Who am I?
  20. My name is the same as a rank in the Catholic Church. I was tied to scandal and bribery more than once, and later appointed to the Senate. I was one of only two Prime Ministers who were Senators at the same time. Who am I?
  21. No one was Prime Minister for less time than me. I did not invent plastic storage containers though some think I did. I served as High Commissioner to London for more than a decade. Who am I?
  22. I was Prime Minister during World War I. I was elected in 1911 campaigning against reciprocity/free trade with the United States. My slogan, "No truck nor trade with the Yankees," was written by a New York ad firm. Who am I?
 Prime Ministers of Canada
John A Macdonald Charles Tupper R. B. Bennett Joe Clark Paul Martin
Alexander Mackenzie Wilfrid Laurier Louis St. Laurent John Turner Stephen Harper
John Abbott Robert Borden John Diefenbaker Brian Mulroney   
John Thompson Arthur Meighen Lester Pearson  Kim Campbell
Mackenzie Bowell W. L. M. King Pierre Trudeau Jean Chretien