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Building a Third Party

In Canadian politics we have parties or groups of people with similar ideas who run in elections to try and form the government. The parties likely to form the government are sometimes called major parties. Parties that have little chance of ever forming the government are referred to as Third Parties largely because they don't finish in first or even second place, but way, way back in third (or fourth, or fifth...).

You are to invent a political party.

Things to Think About

  1. You need to give it a name.
    • The name should be classy, catchy, descriptive and original.
    • You may not use a name of any existing party or recently deregistered party as listed on the Elections Canada website.
    • Give it a reason for being.
      • Is the party hoping for:
        • more Christian politics?
        • more conservative politics?
        • more socialist politics?
        • more polite politics?
                • Why is it there? How is it hoping to change the political world?
                • Give it a platform.
                  • What are the five keys things that this party will work for?
                    • These items do not necessarily have to be original. If you steal ideas from the other parties you should give some explanation why you think this idea still needs to be done.
                • Give it a leader.
                  • Who would lead a party like yours? Would it be:
                    • a man?
                    • a woman?
                    • someone young?
                    • someone old?
                • What image are you trying to portray with your party's leader?
                • Compare your leader with leaders of the Conservatives, NDP, the Liberals, the Marijuana Party, the Animal Alliance Environment Voters, or the Progressive Canadian Party.
                  • Give it a logo.
                    • Use an 8.5*11 sheet of standard white paper.
                    • Come up with something colorful that describes the party visually.
                    • The only words on your logo should be the name of the party.
                  In short, think about what makes your party different from all the others. Why would people vote for you when they could vote for one of the main parties? How will you contribute something different?

                  So what do you need to create?

                  1 Mark
                   2 Marks
                   3 Marks
                   4 Marks
                   Logo  Simple and word-free drawing
                   Well colored and simple yet elegant word-free drawing
                   Able to explain relevance of drawing
                   Platform  2 logical items
                  3 logical items
                   4 logical items
                  5 logical items
                   Leader  Basic description
                   Description shows how leader embodies spirit of party
                  Description also includes a simple drawing
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