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How can a Christian be a good citizen? How can you get involved in the "democratic process"? What does it mean to honor the government like God commands in 1Peter 2:17


How can you get involved with Canada's government? With a group totaling three or four people, generate some ideas. Three suggestions are given below. Come up with at least two more.
  1. Vote
  2. Lobby
  3. Protest


  1. How does a Christian support the government with one of these methods that you generated on the left?
  2. How does your behavior look different from someone who doesn't believe in God? Do you vote, lobby, or protest the same way?
  3. Could a Christian dishonor the government if these methods were used badly?

Presentation Methods

Pick one of your ways to get involved with the government and demonstrate what's involved. You can use one of the methods listed below, or have the teacher approve a different one.
  1. Photo Essay
  2. Coloring Book
  3. Wordle
  4. Song/Poem
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