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If I were Prime Minister

There's been a lot of talk about an election being called soon. That might mean a new government for Canada. The government holds a lot of power to change the lives of Canadians for better or for worse. If you were the leader of the government, how would you use that power?

  1. List five things you think are wrong with Canada.
  2. Come up with five ideas to solve those problems (that's one idea per problem).
    • Are these Christian solutions?
    • Not every way to solve a problem is a Christian way.
    • You solution should be tasteful and should pass a "10 Commandments Test."
    • Pick the idea that you think is the best.
    • Using that idea, create a campaign brochure as you run for our government.
    • You may be a member of any fictional party that you want, as long as it's in good taste.
      • Why did you pick that problem?
      • Why do you think this solution is the best one?
      • Why do you think your solution is a good one for Christians?
      • Your brochure should convincingly present the problem but also give your solution to it.
      • It should also provide a small amount of information on your party and what it stands for.
      • Embellish your brochure so that it looks like a campaign leaflet, with a picture of the candidate, the name of the party, a plea to vote for the candidate etc.
      • This is an individual assignment.
      • You may discuss your ideas with a friend.
      • So, to sum up, your brochure should
        1. be for an imaginary political party
        2. look like a campaign brochure
          • with a party logo,
          • party colors,
          • campaign pictures, etc.
    • present one issue of significance that you party will deal with and include your solution to that issue.
      • This is the biggest part so spend most of your time doing this.
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