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Parts of the Canadian Government

The Canadian government has several important parts to it such as:
  1. The Monarch
  2. The Governor General
  3. The Prime Minister
  4. The Cabinet Minister/s
  5. The Senator/s
  6. The Member/s of Parliament
  7. The voter/s
Today, you and the members of your group are each going to pick one of the groups above. You are going to try to find several things about your topic.
  • What are the powers of your person?
  • Who is allowed to do the job?
  • How do you get the job?
  • Who is currently doing the job?
  • What is the job's relationship to the other positions?

Write it all up neatly in a short paragraph. Cut out your paragraph and place it on the large piece of paper provided. Try to arrange your job descriptions from the most powerful job on the top to the least powerful one on the bottom.