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Sound Bites

People have a short attention span. That's something kind of sad, but if you can't change the way people are, sometimes you may have to change the way you communicate. That's what we're going to play with today.

  1. List five things you think are wrong with Canada.
  2. Come up with five ideas to solve those problems (that's one idea per problem).
    • Are these Christian solutions?
    • Not every way to solve a problem is a Christian way.
    • You solution should be tasteful and should pass a "10 Commandments Test."
  3. Pick the idea that you think is the best.
  4. Using that idea, write up a brief summary of the problem and of your answer to the problem.
  5. You should convincingly present the problem but also give your solution to it.
  6. Read your problem and solution to yourself. It should take not more than 30 seconds to complete.
  7. Record your presentation, or video it and edit it.
  1. This is a small group assignment. Groups are 4 or 5 or so.
  2. So, to sum up
    • A problem
    • A solution
    • All able to be presented and explained in 30 seconds.