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What is the Government There For? (A slogan for Canada)

Constitutions are the basic law of the land. They guarantee our most fundamental rights. 

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However, constitutions also show what countries value. Three countries' constitutions offer different guarantees. 

Peace, order and good government.  Canada
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  United States
Liberty, equality, fraternity. France

Each of these phrases gives a different view of what the government should do. Canada's, frankly, sounds a little bit boring, while the U.S. "pursuit of happiness" is a little bit more thrilling. But just because it's a bit more exciting, doesn't necessarily mean it's more Biblical. After all, Canada was founded on Biblical principles, and most Americans believe the U.S. was, too. Yet their constitutions have very different priorities. Which do you think is right? Why?

What do you think?

Based on the passages listed below (and others that may occur to you) try to decide what the role of government is.

  • Exodus 22: 28 (What should our attitude to government/justice be like?)
  • 2 Samuel 5: 2 (Who appointed the rulers of Israel?)
  • Psalm 21 (Where does the king's power come from?)
  • Psalm 72 (How should the righteous rule?)
  • Romans 13:2-4 (What should our attitude to government (even bad governments) be like? Who puts the governments in place?)

Thinking about these and other passages that may have come to mind, what do you think would be an appropriate slogan for Canada? It should be three parts, like the slogans listed above, and should be short, snappy and descriptive.

Try to dream up 3 or 4 and then pick the one you think is best. Turn it into an attractive poster and be prepared to tell the class about it.


 Your poster slogan should be three parts (as in the examples above).
 It should be neatly colored.
 You should be able to explain the theology behind your slogan.