Tweeting the Prime Ministers

What would it look like if one of the Prime Ministers of Canada had had his/her own page on Twitter?

Prime Minister Party Prime Minister Party
John A Macdonald
Liberal-Conservative Louis St. Laurent
Alexander Mackenzie Liberal John Diefenbaker Progressive Conservative
John Abbott Liberal-Conservative Lester Pearson Liberal
John Thompson Conservative Pierre Trudeau Liberal
Mackenzie Bowell Conservative Joe Clark Progressive Conservative
Charles Tupper Conservative John Turner Liberal
Wilfrid Laurier Liberal Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative
Robert Borden Conservative/Unionist Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative
Arthur Meighen National Liberal and Conservative/Conservative Jean Chretien Liberal
William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal Paul Martin Liberal
Richard Bedford Bennett Conservative Stephen Harper
Justin Trudeau

  1. You can pick any Prime Minister except Justin Trudeau.
    • It's easier to pick a major prime minister, but the choice is up to you.
  2. You need to have 10 tweets from your Prime Minister. They should be dated and appear in reverse chronological order.
    • The events you pick should be significant and show you know something about your prime minister.
      • You're trying to show that you understand what events in his life were important so try to include only those.
    • For example, pick a time when he won an election, or he had a debate with an opponent. 
      •  Do not pick the time his dog died (unless it's Mackenzie King), or he graduated from elementary school.
  3. Each tweet should reveal one or two interesting facts about your Prime Minister.
  4. Each tweet should be short and sweet, not more than 280 characters long.
  5. You should make your tweets look like a Twitter page, possibly using the template attached to the bottom of this web page.


  • Each tweet = One mark for a total of 10 possible marks.
  • Each tweet will be looked at for historical significance beyond the obvious. Did this event shape the prime minister's life in a substantial way (or Canada's destiny)? The prime minister's birth or death are fairly obvious. Did a bit deeper than that.
  • The tweets should be in reverse chronological order (newest at the top) or one mark will be deducted.

James Dykstra,
Feb 7, 2011, 8:05 AM