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Winnipeg Elections

Stuff to Think About First

There's an election coming up in Winnipeg soon.

City or civic governments are responsible for things like 
  • property taxes
  • snow removal,
  • roads, 
  • delivery of some social services, 
  • police, 
  • fire services, 
  • water and sanitation utilites,
  • parks and recreation (pools, parks),
  • mass transit (buses),
  • and grants to community groups like museums, operas, etc.
Do a bit of thinking. What should the city so about each of these areas? For example, do we need better road, more or fewer police, more or less snow removal?

Decide what you think the three most important things there are to improve. Then decide what three things you'd be willing to sacrifice to help pay for those things.

Stuff to Do Next

  1. Which city ward do you live in? Find yourself on the map.
  2. Who's running for city council in your ward? Check here.
  3. Read the bios of the candidates, visit their websites, and take a look at Facebook pages and Twitter feeds if they have them.
  4. Pick one candidate that you think will best deliver on the three issues you think are most important (remember those ones you thought about over on the left?). What specific promises does this candidate make? Is this person willing to sacrifice the same things you are? Will that person even admit that we may need to give up some things to make others work better?

Stuff to Create Last

Create a campaign poster for your chosen candidate. It should include:
  1. The candidate's name,
  2. The area of the city in which the person is running,
  3. Your 3 reasons to vote for the person,
  4. The specific things that the candidate is going to do in those 3 areas.
Your poster may be done on a computer. It should include a relevant illustration of some kind (that is royalty free). It should also include your candidates three specific promises.


Candidate's nameRevelevant pictureSpecific Promise 1Specific Promise 2 Specific Promise 3