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Modern Issues

There's a lot of things that go wrong that deal with human rights. A few of the current issues are listed below.
  1. Refugees.
    • Should we accept them? How do we treat them once they're here?
  2. Aboriginal land claims
  3. Racial issues
  4. LGBT rights
  5. Rights of the disabled
  6. Anti-terror law
  7. Missing aboriginal women
In each case, how do you decide what to do? There's usually two sides to every issue. How do you decide which one is right?

  1. Pick one topic
  2. Investigate it. Find out what it's about.
  3. Figure out who's hurting and why.
  4. Do you think the injury is real?
    • Is it self inflicted?
    • Is someone else responsible for it?
  5. What is the other point of view? There are always at least two different voices on any topic.
  6. From a Christian point of view, who's right?
  7. Even if the aggrieved party is wrong, what can you fix the problem for them?

5 6 7 8 9 10
 Report back with full details. Identify the hurting part and the reason. What is the cause of the hurt? What is the source? Identify multiple point of view on the issue.From a Christian point of view, who's right?How do you restore the injured party?