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Building Vimy Ridge

Today we're looking at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. In order to think about this battle we need to understand the geography a little bit.

Your job, starting today, is to build Vimy Ridge. Working in groups of 5 or 6, we will build that in Minecraft. To do that, you first need to do some research. Several helpful sources are listed below.

Each group will position one of the four Canadian divisions. You'll try to discover a few things before you start building the ridge.
  1. How high is the ridge above the surrounding area?
  2. How long is the ridge?
  3. What were the likely paths the Canadians took to climb the ridge?
  4. What would be the best place to attack?
  5. Where did the Canadians start from?
  6. Where were the German defences located?
  7. What were the tactics used by the Canadians to try and take the Ridge?
  8. What were the tactics used by the Germans to try and defend?


  1. Give yourself a scale. If one Minecraft person is six feet tall, how many blocks tall is the Ridge?
    • What is the layout of the Ridge? What are routes up from the bottom to the top?
  2. How many person/soldiers does one minecraft person represent? 
  3. Where do the Canadian troops start from?
  4. Where is the British artillery placed?
  5. Where are the German defences?

Things to Create

  1. Vimy Ridge
    • Height
    • Length
    • Location
  2. Artillery
    • Position
    • Amount
  3. Uniforms
    • British
    • Canadian
    • French
  4. Position of troops
    • How many troops does one Minecraft figure represent?


  1. Enfilade
  2. Barrage
May 10, 2019, 10:29 AM