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War Facts Game

You are going to create a Trivia Game based on the wars Canada fought in. Some useful links are listed below.

  1. World War I
  2. World War II
  3. Korean War
  4. War in Afghanistan
For this assignment you are going to create:
  • A game board
    • This will be the track you travel around that determines what sort of question you have to answer.
    • You can build it using the different styles of graph paper available here. (Concentric circles may not work so well.)
    • Try printing off an 11*17 grid using the library printer.
  • Questions
    • You'll need 60 spread over the 4 wars (that's 15 questions per group member)
    • They should be multiple choice
    • They should cover multiple categories, perhaps the content of each war.
    • You should create cards and write the questions on them.
  • A reason to go around the track on your game board.
  • A way to get points, or wedges, or whatever.
  • A way to win the game.

Things to take note of

  1. You may work in groups of up to 4.
  2. Each member should be responsible for completing an equal share of the questions.


  • Each neat, tidy and intelligent trivia card is worth one mark for a possible total of 20 marks.
  • An incomplete, messy or illogical game board or movement rules is worth a penalty of -5.
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