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World War II Radio Broadcast

Your assignment is to create a simulated radio broadcast on one of the events of World War II.


It may be about:
  • Canada's Declaration of War Against Germany
  • The Surrender of Hong Kong
  • The Battle of the St. Lawrence
  • The Battle of the North Atlantic
  • The Raid on Dieppe.
  • The Attack on Juno Beach
  • The Commonwealth Air Training Program
  • War Orphans
You will create a five minute radio broadcast to be presented to the class.
  1. It may be presented live, or recorded and played back.
  2. It will report on one of the topics listed above as if it were a current issue happening right now. It is live.
  3. This project will be based on research. You can't just make it up. You can't just talk and talk your time away. There needs to be facts figures, names, dates, and places in your report.
  4. Sound effects may be appropriate.
  5. You may have up to two minutes of (copyright free or creative commons) music that is appropriate to the period. Suggested music styles include jazz, rags, big band, and blues. Check with the teacher to see if the music you chose is appropriate or anachronistic.
    • This means the oral part of your radio broadcast should last for a minimum of three minutes.


Sources include but are not limited to:


  1. Is it five minutes long?
    • Are at least three minutes about the event in question?
  2. Does it have music appropriate to the period?
  3. Does it show evidence of thorough research?
  4. Does it show solid analysis?
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