Instant French?

View the video on the right. 

Instant French

We've been looking at identity and who we are as Canadians.
  1. What do you think it says about Canadians? 
  2. What does it say about how we relate to each other and interact with each other? 
  3. Do you think the video's message is still relevant today?

Next Steps

  • Your job today is to dream up an imaginary product.
  • It should be something that reflects Canadian identity or tells you who we are in some way.
  • You are going to create a radio commercial for this product.
  • The script should be for a commercial (audio only) that's 30 seconds to 1 minute long.  A good source of inspiration might be the National Film Board YouTube channel.
  • When you think you've got a good product, and when you've got a script, explore the sound effects you could add.
    • Good sources of sound effects include Sound Jay, Sound Bible, and Free Sound.
      • You may freely use these sources, but you need to keep a list of where you got which sound from, and who produced it. In other words, you need a bibliography, sometimes called a works cited.
  • Your next step is to record the project, and for that I'll give you more instructions.

Can you work on this with a partner?

Yup, you may work individually or with one other person.