Telling a Story

  1. Today you're going to work with one of the following events in Canadian history.
    • The very first fur trade between Europeans and natives.
    • Battle of the Plains of Abraham
    • A test flight of the Avro Arrow
    • Signing of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982
    • The life of a Prime Minister
    • If you have other ideas, run it by the teacher
  2. You will need to briefly research your event.
  3. Your job is a simple one, yet amazingly complex. You are going to take your incident and identify six key moments.
  4. You are then going to act out each of these six main events and take pictures of it.
    • Consider carefully how you can get a picture that makes you think of the event.
      • How can you make people think a war is going on? What sort of a background would look both military and old fashioned?
      • How could you show the Charter being signed? What would it take to make someone look like Queen Elizabeth or Pierre Trudeau?
    • Can you create simple costumes for the events you're depicting?
    • Write down your plan for each picture so the teacher can see that you have ideas that make sense.
  5. You will pick one picture of each key moment. This picture should visually explain that moment.
  6. You will then compile your six pictures into a visual story that tells about the Incident without using any words.