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Find that Town

Using road maps of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, locate the towns that the clues hint at.

British Columbia

  1. I never knew salmon had this. Look on highway 1.
  2. Though not all that gleams may be gold, this is. See highway 1.
  3. On highway 97, this is one long house.
  4. Close to the American border, watch for large cutlery on highway 3.
  5. Highway 16, close to Valemont, has a town named for a blond person.
  6. Up on highway 29, when Henry Hudson lacked hope, he came here.


  1. On highway 3, this dale is best known for its fuel.
  2. At highways 2, 40 and 43, it’s a really big prairie.
  3. Highway 55 boasts one chilly, chilly pond.
  4. Highway 16 west of Lloydminster is this beautiful reddish color.


  1. Where highways 14, 51 and 4 meet, New York may be big, but this town’s bigger.
  2. On higway 21, a short way from Fox Valley, this is the one to follow.
  3. From the South Saskatchewan to Diefenkbaker Lake, this town is halfway between your wrist and your shoulder.
  4. Oddly enough, highway 1 has only the top of this poor Indian.
  5. On highway 13, close to highway 47 is a town I can’t seem to remember.
  6. Highway 42 has one of these above its eye.
  7. Many towns may be great, but close to the junction of highways 51 and 21 this town is superb.


  1. At Highway 11 and 313 you’ll find a lake named for a woman’s hat.
  2. On route 24 just off of Highway 10 lies a city in a really big hurry.
  3. On Highway 201 just north of the border, you come here late in the day.
  4. Here’s where you get out of your boats and cross the prairies on foot.
  5. This town, where Highways 5 and 10 meet, is either a French crown prince or a dolphin..


  1. On highways 9, 10, and 24, only Dutch and Irishmen are welcomed here.
  2. Near Timmins lies a pointy, quilled creature heading south..
  3. Not far from Mattawa on Highway 17, this river is often used to write on a blackboard.
  4. On highway 37, this town is a common jacket material.