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Mapping Canada Over the Years

 1867  1870
 1873  1898
 1905  1912
 1927  1949
Canada hasn't always looked the way it does now. Provinces have joined. Territories have been added, and one has actually been taken away.
In a small group of two or three people you are going to create a historical map of Canada.
  1. You'll pick from one of the years shown at the right.
  2. On a piece of paper about 60 cm by 60 cm (roughly 2 feet by 2 feet), you and your group will create a scale version of the map you've chosen.
  3. The map should be colored in a way similar to the original map, though you don't have to use the exact same color choices.
    • If the original map has a large section of white, color that section a different color.
  4. The map should be neat and to scale.
  5. All maps, regardless of the year, should label, the three oceans, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Hudson Bay, and all the provinces, territories and districts.
  6.  There should be a label showing what year your map is showing.
  7. Provinces, territories, districts should all be neatly labelled.


Mapping Canada Project
Appropriate size  /1
Neatly colored  /1
Date label  /1
To scale  /1
Includes needed geographical locations  /1
Provinces, territories, regions labelled  /1
Total  /6