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A Virtual Heritage Fair

Questions on the Websites

Your assignment is to create a cool, significant project about an area of Canadian history and to put it online.
Your project will
  • be at least 1250 words long (the eqivalent of five pages).
  • include pictures.
  • include primary source research from the Winnipeg Free Press Archives and other places.
    • Check at the bottom of this page for some places you could use for your research.
  • include citations.
  • have a bibliography.
    • You should have about 10 sources.
  • be done on a significant item in Canadian history (to be approved by the teacher).
    • This event should happen somewhere between 1875 and 1985.
    • The event should be something that is important and somehow shapes what Canada is. In other words it should be something of importance to more than just you, your friends, or your family.

The Wiki

Your project will be done on a wiki.
  • It will be set up for you by the teacher
  • It will be arranged over several web pages     
  • It will have at least one picture on each page.


  • You may work with a partner.
  • If you work with a partner, you may not sit on the same side of the room with them.
  • During class you may only communicate with your partner using the online tools provided.


 Originality of topic
 Sources (primary)
 Sources (secondary)
 Multiple pages and good navigation
 Content (intro/conclusion)
 Content (Consistent style for citing)
 Aesthetics: pleasing, appropriate colors
 Aesthetics: balance of text, white space, pictures on each page
 Overall effectiveness of site


     Picking a topic and having Mr. D. make you a wiki
     March 4
     Finding primary sources
    March 8
     Finding secondary sources
     March 10
     Finding pictures
     March 14
     Everything done
     March 16

    Possible Topics

    1. The E Gang
    2. The 1969-1970 Voyage of the Nonsuch
    3. Patriation of the Consitution
    4. Canada wins Olympic hockey gold in 1952
    5. Canada in the Boer War
    6. The Hanging of Louis Riel
    7. Bricklin
    8. Ethel Catherwood
    9. Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians
    10. Winnipeg gets the Stanley Cup
    11. Rat Portage Thistles
    12. Edmonton Grads
    13. Montreal AAAs
    14. Ottawa Silver Seven

    Primary Sources

    1. Alberta Newspapers
    2. Archives of Ontario
    3. Canadian Newspapers and World War II
    4. CBC Archives
    5. Manitoba Newspapers
    6. Virtual Gramophone
    7. Winnipeg Free Press Archives (usable only at school)
    8. World War I Posters

    Secondary Sources

    1. EbscoHost


    1. List of Picture Resources
    2. Neat Clip Art

    People's Wikis

    1. Lisa
    2. Sara W
    3. Marii, Kelsey
    4. Megan, Brook
    5. LaDawn, Montana
    6. Kayla
    7. Kelly
    8. Matt L
    9. Jace
    10. Andrew, Spencer
    11. Jenny
    12. Matt C, Dylan
    13. Yvette
    14. Sarah M
    15. Alex
    16. Mark
    17. Matt B
    18. Justin
    19. Robin and Lauren
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