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Canada's Changing Boundaries

Canada hasn't always looked the way it does today. From Confederation in 1867 until 1999, Canada's external and internal boundaries have gone through a series of changes. You are going to create a stop motion video that shows those changes. You will do it in the style of a Common Craft video, similar to those shown below. It will be done with drawings and colored bits of paper placed on a background. Pretty simple, huh?
You should do this in a small group (2 or 3). You'd be well advised to work with someone currently doing stop motion animation in AICT.

So how do you do it?

  • Using a big sheet of paper and an abundance of pencil crayons you are going to start by creating an outline map of Canada (no borders).
  • You should try getting a suitable map from here or here.
    • Or from me if I actually managed to get a big one printed.
  • When you've got a suitable outline map set up, start creating the provinces and territories that get added to it.
    • Base these on the maps on the left. (You get a larger view if you click on them.)
  • Once you have your various map pieces colored, you'll film them going in and out using the program Stop Motion Animator.
    • In this program, 15 frames is one second of filming.
    • Your total video, with all the provinces and territories moving in and out, should be about one minute.
      • That means it should be about 900 frames.
    • You'll need to use your flash drive to save your clips on.
      • Under the Options Menu, Pick Preferences, and then the Files tab.
      • Set the Scratch Drive to the same letter as your flash drive.
      • Press START to commence taking shots.
      • Then click on GRAB (which is the same button as the START button) to keep taking shots.
    • Every time you press DONE, it creates a new clip which you save. You'll stitch these clips together in Movie Maker.
  • In Movie Maker you can add captions and credits so people can understand what your animation is doing.
    • Since we want to post these videos to YouTube, do NOT add your last name to the credits.
  • When you are done filming, stitching your clips together, and adding captions and credits,


Length: At least one minute
Historical Accuracy: Do the changes boundaries reflect what really happened in a way that's easy to understand?
Captions: Do the captions help you understand the process of changing boundaries?