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Cool Winnipeggers

Winnipeggers have done surprising and fascinating things. You are going to research one and put together a presentation about him (or her). We'll spend about two weeks on this, so keep in mind that this is a major project. You want to do well on it.


  1. Louis Riel
  2. James Richardson
  3. Nellie McClung
  4. James S. Woodsworth
  5. John Bowman
  6. Bruce Chown
  7. William Stephenson
  8. Tommy Douglas
  9. Stanley Knowles
  10. Louis Slotin
  11. Marshall McLuhan
  12. Stephen Juba
  13. Duff Roblin
  14. James Ashdown
  15. Gabrielle Roy
  16. Sybil Shack
  17. Geraldine MacNamara
  18. James Ashdown
  19. Israel Asper
  20. Harold Buchwald
  21. George Campbell Maclearn
  22. John Wesley Dafoe
  23. Edward L. Drewry
  24. Lionel Fitzgerald
  25. William Gomez Fonseca
  26. Samuel Freedman
  27. Ben Hatskin
  28. Ella Cora Hind
  29. John Hirsch
  30. Sol Kanee
  31. Vince Leah
  32. Leo Mol
  33. John Carl Ridd
  34. Carol Shields
  35. Arnold Spohr
  36. Paul Thorlakson
  37. Don Starknell

 Secondary Sources

  1. Winnipeg Citizens Hall of Fame
  2. Famous Winnipggers (according to Wikipedia)
  3. Famous Homes
  4. Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Primary Sources

  1. Winnipeg Free Press Archives
  2. Manitoba Newspapers
  3. Winnipeg Tribune

What to do

  1. You're going to research one of the significant Winnipeggers listed on the left. You should use both secondary and primary sources. You should have a minimum of seven sources.
    • At least five should be secondary sources and at least two should be primary sources.
  2. You should have a thesis or main point. You're not just randomly collecting facts for the sake of collecting facts. The thesis is there to help you organize what you're doing.
  3. Include citations. While I think footnotes are the way to do it, how you cite will depend on what type of presentation you do. The LCS Style Guide may help you figure that out.
  4. Put together a bibliography (sometimes called a "works cited"). You need to list all your sources. The LCS Style Guide will help you figure this out.
    • You should have a minimum of five secondary sources.
      • Not more than two of these may be from Wikipedia.
    • You should have at least two primary sources.

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