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Final Project (What are you doing?)

This is the final project for your Grade 9 Social Studies course. It is worth 20% of your course mark. While you may do research with a friend, each person must submit their own, unique project.


  • Pick an item in Canada that you think is currently a problem and of special concern to Christians.
  • Possible topics include but are not limited to:
    • Abortion - Human life begins at conception. How do we protect it, foster it, defend it? Why is the life of the unborn important?
    • Addictions - to drugs, alcohol, etc.
    • Disability Rights - How do we treat others who are "differently enabled"? Can we build more ramps? Should we turn down the music and lights to make it easier for autistic people? What are we willing to give up or change so others can live with use more easily?
    • Euthanasia - Mercy killing, assisted suicide, 
    • Homelessness
    • Environment - Global warming. Is it a thing? If it is, how do we responsibly deal with it? We have limited resources so anything we spend on this we can't spend somewhere else.
    • Immigration - Who do we let in? How many people? How do we help these people integrate into Canada? 
    • Plastic Bags - Are they okay, or what's the alternative? Are paper bags better? Are reusable bags better?
    • Pollution - If we are to shape the earth, some pollution is inevitable. How much is allowed?
    • Reconciliation - How do we get along with the indigenous people? How do we help them pick up the pieces and build resiliency? Can we do it in a way they see the power of the Christian message?
    • Technology - How does it affect us, shape us, change us? Are we better off for it being there, or should we be pushing back against it?
  • There are many other possible issues that could be looked at. Your topic should be approved by your teacher before you get started so that you know your choice is acceptable.


  • Find out about this issue in Canadian history. Issues don't come out of nowhere.
  • What were the politics or the court decisions behind this?
  • Resources include but are not limited to:


  • What does the Bible have to say about the issue?
  • Why do many Christians think that this is something we should be involved in?
  • Given Biblical guidelines, what do you think is a Christian response to this issue?
  • Resources include but are not limited to:


  • What are you doing about it? What are you going to do?
  • Sample activities include but are definitely not limited to:
    • Writing to your government member.
    • Volunteering in a soup kitchen.
    • Organizing a petition and sending it to someone who can do something about the issue.
    • Praying.
    • Building an online presence and getting people to notice it. (Make sure you have your parents' permission for this.)


  • Use a variety of resources to do your research.
    • You may use Wikipedia, but no more than 20% of your resources can come from there.
  • There are a variety of websites linked to from the webpage for this assignment. Start with those, but be ready to use many more.
  • Check with the school library for information. We have talented and resourceful people who work there and they can often come up with some fairly amazing resources.
  • You should have a minimum of five sources from a variety of places.
    • They should NOT all be from the same website, or magazine or book, etc.


  • You need to prepare your work for someone else to see. It can be done in a variety of ways depending on what your skills are.
    • A reflection paper of about five pages.
    • A website or wiki of 5 to 10 pages that you create and promote.
    • PowerPoint (at least 20 slides) (Prezi is also acceptable. It may be preferable because it's different.)
    • Video
    • Photographic Essay
  • Whatever form your final project takes, it should clearly identify the issue, the history, the theology and the concrete action that you are taking.
  • Make sure that your parents are okay with the format you're choosing. Some parents may not want you to set up a website or FaceBook page since it's too public.
  • Check with the teacher to okay the format.

Due Dates

Dec 13 Have an annotated bibliography of your sources prepared. You should have at least 3 sentences to describe each resource.
January 20: This is the final due date for your project. Hand it in by the end of the school day.


  • Annotated Bibliography (10%)
  • Identification and defence of an issue of clear importance to Christians.  (10%)
    • Does the project clearly identify one issue of importance to Christians?
    • Is it explained why this issue is of particular concern to Christians?
  • Summary of the history of the issue  (20%)
    • Is the issue placed in a historical context?
    • Are major events, political decisions or court judgments brought up?
  • Summary of the theology of the issue.  (20%)
    • Does the project show a good understanding of how Christian beliefs affect the issue?
    • Does the project make specific references to the Bible?
  • Descriptions of Reflections on the concrete action undertaken.  (20%)
  • Appearance of the project. (20%)
    • Is it neat and tidy?
    • Does it communicate your ideas clearly?
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